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Going with the Flow Choker Necklace II

Going with the Flow Choker Necklace II

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The Going with the Flow Choker measures at 18 inches log (end to end) and features it's own special clasp integrated into the design.

The Drippy Collection centres around the unpredictability of life similar to water, constantly changing directions and pace. The pieces are influenced by memories of loved ones who are no longer with us and finding a way to create a link through jewellery to continue the story. Hyland Carter, named after the designer’s late grandmothers, is a brand dedicated to remembering loved ones and creating pieces that can be cherished forever, staying with the you throughout your lifetime. The Drippy Collection is a series of one-of-a-kind pieces, unique and individual just like the stories we each hold.

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Sterling Silver


Care Information

As with all well loved jewellery, it can begin to show overtime. Silver can be cleaned using warm water, a splash of washing up liquid and a soft brush. To bring up more of a shine, gently rub with a polishing cloth. 

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Drippy Ring Collection

Chunky, bold, statement rings with a high polish finish. Each one ever so slightly different from the last. Also available to be completely custom.

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